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October 13, 2011

Today's song

My Racing Thoughts - Jack's Mannequin (Spotify)

I've been wanting this album for a while since I listened to it on Spotify. And I finally got it today! I just randomly selected a song to put up here. Hope you like it. They are like my perfect walk-to-class music.

So today is totally fucked up. Well, not totally. There are sweet parts. But I always talk about the bad parts first. So today is like my body's epiphany of like..."I should be sick today!" I felt pretty much normal in bio today and the material is interesting so I actually didn't fall asleep. Then after I started walking to English my nose got ahead of me and started...well...running...In the afternoon it's like, headache time! And everything basically gradually started hurting more and more and now, my body decided to be EPIC TROLLING SCREW YOU TIME!

But then there's also the bright side. THERE'S ALWAYS THE BRIGHT SIDE. To make them easier to read, I'll make them into a list. BAMMM.
  • So my freaking electric blue nail polish chipped off within a weak, but then I put this lilac shimmer on and it's now purple!!!
  • Got three new albums! Music is always a plus.
  • I started my vegetarian week today for Gary. #wearingthatbracelet
  • I found my new nail obsession blog among other fashion blogs
  • PRI started talking to me about HOT GUYS right before I wrote this post and inspired me to write this post and HOT GUYS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

The end.


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