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October 9, 2011

Today's song:

Ghost Towns - Radical Face (Spotify)

I can't  find that album anywhere!!! :'((( But go get that song today or tomorrow on iTunes cuz it's free for now! :D

So this weekend isn't totally bad. On the bright side, I have been far more productive than the past weekends. I did most of what I wanted to do. However, I totally got a student section ticket on my first try to the Kentucky game but I couldn't go because of all the work!!! :'( And then Connor Shaw beasted and we won 54-3! How epic is that?!! Life is unfair.

So for school, I get to email this director of East Asian Studies at University of Heidelberg about my research paper on Wagner in China because my professor already contacted her asking her permission for me to email her. (Why do all European stuff sound so intense?) Apparently she's super busy and writes super short emails. So wish luck to me haha. I truly hope that she can help me with what I'm doing right now.

Did I say I'd post a review on Drive? I swear I will do that soon.

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