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November 4, 2011

It's been two weeks since fall break and I'm finally posting this! I know these look uber photoshop-ed. But, whatever. They look moody.

 arm party
 winter warmth and prints
 don't like real pumpkins? here's a fake one that's just as festive
 beloved F21 pullover
some fall nail colors

Yeah. They don't look as inspirational now after two weeks. But again, whatever. I will try not to edit them as much next time. However, I don't think my camera has the capability of taking awesome professional pictures that give you goosebumps. So, try to get goosebumps else where. 

When I said elsewhere, I meant, here:

Only For A Night - Florence + The Machine (Spotify)

The perfect ginger has done it again. I love this album! Can't stop listening to it. And I am also quite productive while listening to it! How great is that?! I was gonna say, "why is JB selling better than this?!" But turned out, JB fell behind. :P Not that I don't like JB, but I think this has much more quality and creativity than JB's teenage (girls) heartthrob voice. 

Oh, and I most definitely do NOT like that Miranda Lambert face on the iTunes music banner. Eww. Who likes country chicks anyway? Also, I feel like this year is like OMG NOVEMBER = CHRISTMAS IS ALWAYS HERE!. -.- So. Not. True. What's up with these Christmas music coming out already? They should at least wait one more month! I've gotten them all but NOT listening until later. It would remind me of this painful upcoming month of studying, paper-ing, and exam-ing.

But guess what? The Black Keys is releasing their next album at the beginning of December!!!! Omg I'm too excited. No one beats their garage-rock-band sound. NO ONE. This totally got me listening to Brothers again. <3 <3 <3 Jack Johnson also had a new single out. Does that mean new album soon??? :DDDD

OK, I'll stop. Whenever I start talking about music I never stop.

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