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November 6, 2011

Today's song:

In The Morning - Jack Johnson (Spotify)

All I want to say is...I wish I could wake up in the morning like this..EVERY DAY.

So, this is gonna be a short post. Since I've got tons to do. Isn't that how every Sunday is like though? This weekend, after having really boring straight azn hair for forever, I decided to braid my hair. I'm pretty sure it's like super bad technique since I couldn't see anything and is so NOT pro at this. Cuz I never do anything to my hair. Lulz. But, I took a picture at night after a day of wearing the hair and playing ping pong and shit. It looks messy, but you get the idea.

So I ended up watching hair tutorials on Youtube last night. Hehehe. I always wish my hair was like blonde or highlighted at least so my braid would've looked more interesting. :\
Since my backpack broke down more than a week ago, I've been hopelessly shopping for a tote that can have a dual identity in my life. LOL. Like, it could be a normal purse I wear daily, AND carry books sometimes to classes when I don't have too many stuffs! As much as I love all the beautiful designer leather totes, the price tags always turn me down. I'm always very fond of Fossil's leather goods as they tend to have really good quality and last a very long time. I spotted this red Vintage Re-issue Weekender.

It looks super chic and the red color is very classy. (And it's actually really large) The price tag isn't too bad - slightly over 200 I think? I'm not sure when I will be getting it though. I might spot some other cheaper ones. But whenever a bag is made out of leather, the price always goes up. Hehehe. I also spotted a faux leather bag on H&M.com and it only cost $35. But I'm always skeptical about faux leather even though it's being animal crualty free and good. But. they break easily, that's a fact.

So, I'll keep looking for these and hopefully, I get to go to ATL soon. :P

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