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December 13, 2011


Don't have to read this if you already have too much to deal with in your life. But this is pretty much what I did in the past two/three weeks (since I've been only having picture or opinionated blogposts recently haha):

So, I pretty much didn't go to most of my classes the last week of classes. Since most of them were useless and boring. I got exempted from my Chem final. My Wagner paper was due the midnight of that Wednesday, the 30th. So when I got back from home on Sunday night, the 27th, I began my two weeks of the most productivity of life. I wrote my Wagner paper from Sunday night to Wednesday. It was a total of 3385 words and at least 7 bottles of Red Bulls and Rockstars. I was mostly in my room because the paper requires a lot of book-referencing. But the final product turned out pretty amazing. Less great than I expected, but it got me praise from my professor and he asked me if I wanted to continue on working in this area. And then, I pretty much chilled on Thursday - Sunday. LOL Time definitely go by faster when you are procrastinating.

So after classes were done and before exams started, I watched Jane Eyre and Brokeback Mountain. Good love stories = <3 <3 <3 Not gonna do movies reviews on them, but you should see both of them. Heath Ledger + Jake Gyllenhaal made quite the pair. <3 Too bad Heath died. :'( He's so great.

Then exam week. I first made an A in art.Yay. Not that it was difficult or anything. But I really like art history and will probably take a similar course for Honors history credit. And then there comes the next deadlines - Linguistics paper due Friday, the 9th and Biology final on Saturday, the 10th. I haven't gone to the last week of Bio class which was pretty much what we were tested on, thus I had to learn new materials myself by reading the book. Thankfully our professor emailed us about where we stopped. So I didn't have to spend too much time learning it - pretty much 6 hours in the library. :) It was also cumulative, so I spent some extra hours on that. But my Ling paper is kinda important because I had a 89.13 in that class and I need an A...And she still hasn't finished grading so I dunno yet. But I did spend a lot of time, like Monday night - Friday afternoon on it. Writing this paper felt crazier because I couldn't really BS much...since it's all technical and I was analyzing these two people's accents. But I finally went through these with some late-nights, one all-nighter (but I did sleep after I got back from the library on Friday morning), and some energy drinks. It felt awesome after I finished studying for Bio on Friday night at 3 AM. I was totally going for a "Bitch I'm donnneee" but I kinda had to get up early on Sat morning to take that genetics exam. Lamest exam timing ever. But it was pretty much easy.

It was also interesting to observe how occupied the library was during exam week. There's pretty much no seats available any where if you go at 12 (at night). And when I went back to my room from a study room in honors on Thursday night at 4, all the study rooms that I passed by were occupied. So I was like, #occupystudyrooms. There was either a person reading/studying, or someone sleeping in the study room. People even thought sheets and blankets! So amazing. And when I got to the library after this, it was like 5 in the morning, and there were already many people there. LOL And most of them definitely left later than I did. #stress

I did develop some callus in my mouth, aka hyperkeratosis (lol), but it disappeared after I got home on Saturday. :) Then we went on a road trip to DC to get some personal stuffs done. And now I'm home again! Yay!

Also, I just got my first job today! Yay! I'm gonna be a model at Abercrombie&Fitch. :))) Come see me at the Gvegas Haywood mall! :D I'm also going on a similar interview at Hollister later this week. So, come see me there too! :)


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