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February 14, 2012

Me + the cutest valentine ever. <3

My Valentine - Paul McCartney

Let's take a fashion break and celebrate this holiday by checking out some of my "new-in"s! :P I mentioned that I ordered a ring from JewelMint and it arrived yesterday!

The ring itself is actually slightly lighter (a good thing) than I expected. Because on the pictures I saw online it looks like really a statement piece and I kinda expected it to be giant and heavy. But it wears better than that! It absolutely doesn't get in my way of doing anything. I'll just need to remember to take the ring off before I sleep otherwise I'll get a huge imprint somewhere on my skin in the morning lol.

Isn't it gorgeous! Here are some detailed shots I took with my camera!

I also got new blush and eyeshadow when I went home this weekend! After careful consideration...I decided to try a blush. Haha. I don't use it everyday because whenever I'm not putting on foundation, I already has rosy cheeks (LOL!). But whenever my foundation makes me look extra pale or something, I put on a little bit of this. It's quite easy to apply and gives you a really nice rosy matte finish. Love it! Plus, it's only $6.99 (?) at Ulta. Can't beat that price!

NYX Cream Blush in Natural

And I finally got Maybelline's color tattoo!!! This is the most long-lasting eyeshadow ever. I have really oily lids and this does not crease AT ALL after a whole day of wearing it for over 12 hours! I know it says 24 hours on the packaging. But, who needs to wear it for that long? But I haven't experienced on whether it really lasts that long or not...

 I'm sorry for how a little blurry it is. I couldn't hold my camera still. Lol...

What do ya think?

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