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July 22, 2012

So long story short: my laptop has trojans. Lots and lots of trojans. But every time I open up my blog on some other device I see that same picture of my dress popping up and it bores me to death. So here is some freshness.

After a long and un-relaxing trip consisted of painting (not pictures but walls of the same color), sleeping on the floor for a week with my lady problem going on, and some dancing at a wedding where I don't recall ever talking to the happy couple ever in my life, I have returned to my usual business for the summer - watching my dentists pulling out needles, perfecting teeth with numerous sizes and shapes of burs, and occasionally cutting numbed fleshes in your mouth. I can't believe I actually had time to shop and gather a small collection of new things that might allow me to create my own little Coveteur page. (Well, ultimately, they are barely a fraction of what real coveteurs buy in a few weeks of summer...) I am craving for more though.

What else have I done after I came back: finishing The Hunger Games trilogy. (There will be zero spoilers. & I don't lie. Not on this blog anyway.) I read the last two books this weekend actually. They were quite addicting. I probably have stated somewhere on this blog a while ago that I hated reading. I really do. It burns my eyes. And I am usually left either asleep or unrest after reading. It usually goes with the former if it's a textbook. But after finishing Mockingjay a couple of hours ago, I feel as if the story should have never ended. And I'm never completely happy with the ending of any book. I always wish that they had told more about the characters, that, like stories that actually happen to real people, I could go on the Internet and find out more about what happened. But that's it. What I know is all there is to know. I guess that's another reason why I hate reading. And when I become addicted to something, I have it all at once. Like TV shows, as you probably know, I either try it and don't like it that much, or I watch it all in one day. I usually just think that it's me that's making myself hating or feeling guilty about doing anything.

& I haven't gotten new music since...Maroon 5's new album? I actually haven't really carefully listened to that yet, not even Jason Mraz's new album from May(?). I'm itching for new music though. It feels like a century since I've gotten fresh new sounds on my iPod that I actually like and would love to listen to over and over again. I actually downloaded new things. But I haven't had a chance to put them on my iPod since my computer is dead. (Oh, I'm working on getting a external drive to transfer my stuff out first before fixing it up.) And I feel skeptical about the music unless I have it plugged in my ears while doing nothing and determine if it's fit for my iTunes. Even though I haven't gotten the chance to do that, I still want to put some up here. I am eying Frank Ocean, Marina and The Diamonds, and The Lumineers. Frank Ocean's voice sounds awfully familiar. But the highlight of his album channel ORANGE to me is the backing sounds. It's creeps up on you and drowns you. This was also my first time hearing Marina Diamandis. She sounds like a combo of Katy Perry when she was cool and a touch of Florence Welch. But she definitely has her own allure and magic. I'll be definitely be getting her older disc as well. The Lumineers also sound familiar for no reason...But I have yet to dive into their sounds.

Anyway. It feels good to blog without music gadgets or pictures. It feels like legit blogging again. Oh! I guess since I'm of age, this question always pops up from other people's mouths: found any cute boys that you like? Honestly, they sound ridiculous when asking this. I understand in college, that's one big ol' concern for many people. Finding cute boys and all. But the sorts of wording coming from the mouths that are asking this question makes the people sound old and makes me feel like I'm just 10 years old. Cute boys. My parents actually bother to think about this question now. Will their daughter find someone that's worth it? I don't know. Will I? It is weird that I have not gotten a clue about my future besides the fact that I want to be a dentist, while some people I know are getting engaged and hitched. People are surprised to see me so determined though. And it becomes a pain in the ass when people ask me this. Because I actually think that I shouldn't be too concerned with someone else's happiness and well-being as much as my own. It is hard to be completely frank with people, even just one person in this whole world. I value privacy dearly. I don't want to share everything with people. And I become extremely uncomfortable when I am with someone, my shadow, who I may have lied to because I don't want so say honest but hurtful words. Then it becomes a question of my own happiness. Maybe I should live in solitude. It suits me, you know. And some people see me that way, too. Not that I care what they see. And many social interactions are necessary but not pleasurable anyway. But of course, I don't respond this way to this cute boy question because the whole thing is just a big complicated mess that I need to sort out.

So...moral of this post (without that giant last bit): I do have a problem with being happy with what I have. Always longing for more in almost everything. You can see me with nail polish hoarding already. But then I guess this should be accounted as one of my good traits. And this will affirm you, if you even exist, that I will not abandon this blog. No matter how boring my life has come to.

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