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October 27, 2013

No time to organize my thoughts into proper words today, as life has been distressing but fruitful. Here are a couple of things that are on my mind right now.
  • Living off campus is like, heaven. I get my own room, make my own food, gym is a minute away, I can drive to anywhere I want whenever I want, bigger closet, I don't have to worry about disturbing people when I sleep super late or get up super early, more fridge space, I can go get fresh fruits all the time, COMFY BED, sometimes I can slack off and just use the dishwasher, the list goes on. I can get used to this freedom. The only main thing I dislike is that I can't go to the library freely any more. Like, when I need to stay up late and work on things but am not being productive at home.
  • I went to MUSC on Friday, learned a lot of new stuff that I wasn't expecting to learn about. I look forward to applying and being interviewed next year. But first, I must learn how to appeal to a typical interviewer who is a "middle-aged white male". Less than a year left let's gooo. (I have recently started practicing this thing called classy outfitting, including boob-hiding black sweaters and nude/classic red nails. I hope I survive before I die of boredom.)
  • Happiness. My bff Steph did a wonderful post on her take on happiness the other day. I thought I would do a reply post, but unfortunately...this happened. So I would like to quickly offer my thoughts. My happiness resides in things that I worked hard for and eventually achieved/obtained. In brief moments of heartbreak, I think about these things and they bring me back on my feet. When I lose hope, I think about how much I am actually in control of my current situations and put the trust in my abilities to overcome these obstacles. Most of the time, I succeed. And the cycle continues. Here, I must digress to another related topic. I may be a big procrastinator when it comes to studying for a test or completing assignments, but I always leave just enough time to study so I still end up being the best in class.
  • Cyber bullying is annoying as hell. Personally, I have never experienced it, but I've stopped reading comments on sites/grams/whatever for a long while now. It's totally believable yet still shocking to see how people can throw such rude words at others who they don't personally know. It makes you wonder how stupid most of the population is.
  • Cyber bullying leads to the seemingly endless discussion on women's body size. I must disagree with people who say "zero is not a size". Hate to break it to all the Ignorants, but in fact, zero is a size. Creating standardized sizing is actually a good thing for both manufacturers and consumers. So much easier to buy clothes when they have sizes...right?!!!@!#! Though, body shaming in any way is bad. Phrases like "eat a burger","someone feed her" or "she's a pig" are equally harmful. Can't people just be nice or say nothing at all?! In fact, I am trying to "lose weight" because eating in excess is always interfering with my ability to focus. I am not bothered by the numerical number I see when I step on a scale. I simply need to be healthier through better dieting and exercising. It should be called "get fit" not "lose weight". When people give me side-eyes when I say I don't eat brownies or cookies or cakes or ice-cream or fried food, I just want to say that it is for my own good and those foods are actually bad for you in many ways.
  • Desperately in need of new jeans (old ones have faded into a color that I hate), sweaters (what the hell, Columbia weather?!), decent thick cardi or soft blazer or faux leather jacket (basically, things I can layer on and take off easily in sauna-like classrooms at school), short skirts (because I'm a b**** and want to be leggy in winter), men's flannel shirts (because they make layering easy and I wouldn't look homeless and still be different), ankle boots (I actually feel like I have enough shoes but ankle boots are hot), more scarves (just because.)
  • I'm determined to start reading non-fictions!!!! I think it will be a good way for me to become an interesting "normal" civilized individual and appeal to *cough cough* potential interviewers.
  • This new season of Vampire Diaries is really good and The Originals....oh man, it's like there are two episodes of TVD in one week! Farewell, sleep!
Maybe I will elaborate on some of these topics later. But now, I must continue on my plan of world domination by first finishing off this art history paper with old school Britney Spears playing in the background. Peace out x

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