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December 31, 2011

Even though I find no additional values in days like today or tomorrow comparing to any other days in my life, I am still going to try to make a gesture - write a blog post - to sum up what I've done and what I'm hoping to achieve in the future.

2011 is best described as a year of growth for me. I try to be creative here because everyone, referring to people in my year, pretty much has the same blog post about graduating from high school and entering the exciting life of college. I have to say: me too! Right now, my thought is, I'm so glad high school is over. Whenever anything reminds me to look back in my high school years, I would find them ridiculous and wasteful. I sometimes do see the worst of things/people, don't I? I love my friends in high school, but whenever I think about high school, the images of wasted time of doing nothing that benefit me, ridiculous drama, stupid rules among other things that I extremely dislike flourish in my head. And then I would eventually get to the good part about friends. So, I always try to avoid the topic of high school. And that's yet another reason I don't do Facebook as much because it is usually filled with stuff related to high school. But I did grow out of high school into college this year. And that's the most exciting part. Even though I may not be at the best college ever in the whole world, but I am very confident to say that I am happy with my own unique experience of college. Of course there are things that I dislike about it, but overall, it is far better than high school. Because I, myself, is much more free than I was back then. A set of rules that constrain the experience in the small society of high school no longer exists in college. You do not need to follow dress codes; you do not have to be in classrooms the whole day when you pretty much accomplish nothing in all those hours; you are not exhausted from sitting there and trying to pay attention at the end of the day; you get to manage your own time and experience with different ways of doing it; and most importantly, the overall flexibility of college. I as an individual is gradually transitioning into a more contributing part of the society instead of a useless part in a pseudo-prison, aka high school. Even though in college, what I do still pretty much only benefits me only. But the college environment is much more similar to a fully functional society, where you are responsible for many things other than following the rules. I am not a control freak. But people in general like the sense of being able to control what is going on around you, right? And I believe that is what I've gained in this past year - being able to learn to control the world around me and take responsibilities. Things like, researching and deciding what classes to take next semester, going to work, find internship opportunities and forming a amicable relationship with a professor so he would allow me to work at his lab are all my own responsibilities. There is no one forcing me to do any of these. But they are all something that I want and I'm glad I've done them.

I don't believe in new year's resolutions. Because nothing ever happens according to plans. But I do like to write out a few things that I wish I could accomplish in the near future. It's totally OK if I don't do them. Like, many people never fulfill their new year's resolution either. But I thought these would be cool.
  • keep writing and blogging. I'm never a writer, but trying to improve my writing skill by constant blogging meaningful things and stuff on my thoughts has been a great idea this past year. I wrote a lot for two classes this past semester and I believe my writing ability has increased tons because of those. I want to thank Dr. V for pointing out to me the flaws in my writing and allowing me time to find how I can improve those. And I'm glad that you think that I've improved a lot. That most definitely gave me strength and confidence.
  • find a summer internship that has something to do with my future dental career. I know it's pretty late to say this because the deadlines are probably really close. But It'd be great if I find one. I know it's hard to do so in freshman year. But also, keep the job.
  • work out more in college. Free gym!! Since I'm going to buy these running tights and all the gears, I should feel motivated right? Finding the motivation is always the key for me in advancement in anything that I want to do.
  • get a Gamecock sweatshirt. Haha. I know this totally sounds funny. Because pretty much everyone at USC has one. But I don't. I feel I lack school-spirit. Blah. On that note, I also need to attend tons of baseball games.
So those were the things that I've wanted in a while...and are all pretty much based on last year. I was also going to mention things like do more fashion blogs and such, but I've been doing them already. So...new things?
  • attend a Lady Gaga concert. ANYWHERE! Please. I hope wherever I'm traveling, please be there, Gaga, It will be great.
  • start my own research project. ANYWHERE! Probably at school. But if I find any better opportunities elsewhere during breaks, it would be awesome. But most importantly, where the idea is going to come from?
  • travel to somewhere chill like California or Florida. Lol. Not like literally chill. But like, cool beachy places. But please. I need to get my bikini body worked out, learn swimming, and buy bathing suits first.
  • become an officer at some school club. This is probably not going to happen because I'm too laid back. But, I will try. However, first thing first: become involved.
  • take fashion pictures around campus. I wanted to do it, but I never had the time to do it last semester. NO. Let's face it, I didn't have the courage to do it. It must be pretty embarrassing to ask a stranger to pose for you right? But let's do it!
  • score above a 20 on a practice DAT. I know all of these are going the direction of one word - school. But future is important. And school definitely is an important part of the future. But I need to work on DAT shit man. (No) pun intended. At the end of 2012, I will have be done with Orgo chem I and thus, should be able to score above a 20. (My current score - 16.)
Rise & Grind, people, Rise & Grind.

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