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December 27, 2011

What's up with NOT blogging for what, 10 days??? What is this??

Anyway. I think this is the first time I blog on my new laptop that I got on black Friday. And I finally did the file transferring during my no-blogging time. So I'll tell you about what I've been doing. No secrets. :)

So, after I came home I got a job at Abercrombie&Fitch and I've been working hard ever since. :) Well I admit I did text my friends from time to time at work, but only at the boring hours when there's no customer. I've worked 7 days and of course, am excited about my first paycheck soon! I also went shopping a couple of times by myself. :D I bought my working outfit of course at A&F and some nail polish and other makeup stuff at Ulta. :) I got gifts for friends & family using my money that I'm earning! At home, I did some housework so I wouldn't look like I did nothing all day. Hehe. And I've been trying to catch up with Bones. Since it's already at its 7th season. Haha. But I'm progressing pretty fast. :) Almost done with season 5. And after this I will have tons of other shows to catch up. *hint hint VAMPIRE DIARIES* And for Christmas, my dad got my a pair of jeans at A&F, mom got me a USC blanket she made me from fabrics she bought (it has Cocky on it! :D), and my brother got me a iPod speaker! :D This one is so much better than my old one since this is actually legit. Because I got the last one on sale on blackfriday a few years ago for 30 bucks.....And also, dearest Priya got me nail polish. Haha. My collection expanded with 3 more polishes last week! This is so exciting. And it just happened that I also got her nail polish. Hahahaha. And Steph and I haven't exchanged out gifts yet. I'm excited. :) I also have a bunch of books to read. LOL how surprising. Eileen reading? What??

OMG, how did I forget this? I hung out with Priya! We went movie hopping as planned. :P Saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & New Year's Eve. TGWTDT was so awesome! The plot maybe better if read, but I thought the acting and directing was amazingly creepy. But I loved it. Rooney definitely worked hard on this. Girl deserves some recognition. New Year's Eve was another heart-warming cute movie and has its funny and cute sides. And then I went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 the other night with parents. Love Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as always. Great action scenes. It's gonna be a great franchise.

I don't really have any thought-provoking stuff to write today. I apologize. I think all those came from when I don't have anything legit to do or when I have too much to do. But now it's holiday season. Just the right amount. :) But I'll leave you with

Today's song:

Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert (Spotify)

Adam is always brilliant. Heard him the other day at Sephora.

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